Rockville, Md. – August 19th, 2015- Mercury Associates, Inc., (Mercury) in partnership with the National Property Management Association (NPMA), introduced the first certification program designed specifically for Federal Fleet Managers at the NPMA’s National Education Seminar in Ft. Worth, TX, over August 10 to 13.

New laws and regulations relating to inventory, cost, reporting and sustainability have raised the importance of Federal fleet management to heightened levels of awareness and scrutiny. The new training and certification program addresses these areas as well as best practices across the fleet management profession. This is the first time a Federally focused fleet management training and certification program has been accessible to Federal fleet management personnel. In an era of restrained Federal conference events and associated spending, yet increased demands on Federal fleet managers, this new training and certification program fills an important need..

The training program offers three levels of increasingly detailed information, progressing from Federal Fleet Specialist to Administrator to Management certification, respectively (see Table 1, below). To attain the first level (Specialist), Federal fleet personnel must take the requisite classroom training and pass tests on each respective module. To move to higher levels requires additional training, testing, and documentation of years of fleet experience.

Mercury is under contract with NPMA to develop and conduct the training; NPMA ensures experienced governance of the program, including testing and certification.

About Mercury Associates, Inc

Mercury Associates, Inc. is an employee-owned management consulting firm that assists organizations in improving the efficiency and effectiveness with which they manage and operate motorized vehicle and equipment fleets. The company has worked with organizations in a wide range of industries with fleets ranging in size from fewer than 100 to more than 200,000 vehicles. Headquartered in Rockville, MD, Mercury has consultants located throughout the US and in Canada.