Mercury Associates, Inc. Leverages Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics to Transform Fleet Management

Leading Fleet Consulting Firm Combines Its Expertise in Business Process Improvement, Information Technology, and Data Science to Raise the Bar in Fleet Management

Rockville, MD (May 17, 2018) Mercury Associates, Inc., a fleet consulting and services firm dedicated to providing independent technical assistance and advice to public and private organizations, continues to advance its professional services by leveraging technology, real-time fleet operating data, and analytics to pinpoint opportunities to reduce fleet costs and improve fleet performance.

“In the current age of data immersion and data-driven management, Mercury is leveraging Internet of Things (IoT), integrating multiple streams of fleet-related data, applying analytical models and predictive simulation tools, and professional services to deliver practical, reality-based strategies and solutions that assist organizations in addressing an array of fleet management and logistics challenges,” explained Brad Kelley, Senior Vice President. “Knowing how to access and use real-time information enables our clients to more proactively manage fleet resources, optimize investments, and plan for future growth. In many industries, moreover, the direct and indirect costs of fleet assets being out of service are very high, so the ability to dynamically predict and minimize breakdowns and plan for and schedule preventive maintenance services contributes directly to the bottom line.”

Mercury has a long history of providing consulting, information technology, and professional development services to public and private sector fleet operations. Mercury’s clients include federal, state and local government agencies, utility companies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, transportation services companies, transit authorities, school districts, and colleges and universities.

“We have clients across a range of industries that need effective methods and tools for managing their fleets,” added Kelley. “One, which comes to mind immediately, is an oilfield services company that engaged Mercury to provide and implement a fleet management information system, which we host in our Cloud. The client then tasked us with developing a dispatch module that integrates information from their fleet asset inventory, human resources, and project management systems to continuously improve the efficiency and responsiveness of their field operations.

“We are now leveraging the client’s IoT data and API integrations we’ve developed to other systems to validate transactions, model predictive preventive maintenance schedules, dynamically assemble preventive maintenance services, analyze optimal lifecycles for each asset, and further enhance field operation logistics. The client is incredibly forward-thinking and has been willing to invest in our services to deliver innovative solutions that address their challenges in fleet and other areas of their business.

“Working with dynamic, forward-minded organizations is a real pleasure for Mercury,” Kelley explains, “because they understand that information technology, properly used, is not just something to invest in for its own sake or in order to keep up with their peers, but a true enabler of continuous innovation and improvement in fleet management and operating practices. We recognize at Mercury that the current economic boom many of our clients have been enjoying won’t last forever, and that now is the time to invest in and learn how to leverage new technologies. Fleet owners who, having made such investments, are smarter and nimbler in optimizing their fleet operations can be confident that they will weather future economic storms more easily.”