Project Description

Synopsis This presentation covers how to develop objective standards to define a company-provided vehicle or employee-provided vehicle used for business that is involved in a crash (accident). Attendees learn how to identify crash factors that are relevant to fleet vehicles and understand why fleet crash statistics are different from the general population of vehicles on the road. In this webinar, the presenter explains why master data (financial, customer, materials, vendors, employees, assets) is an important strategic asset and four core accountabilities for master data management. The presentation includes a comprehensive approach to master data management, benchmarking methodologies and uses, performance metrics, tips, and real-life examples. Understanding the costs of a fleet is essential for managing and ensuring their reasonableness because one cannot effectively manage costs that cannot be seen. This presentation covers how to determine the reasonableness of fleet costs in an objective, systematic fashion, as well as whether or not and how they can be reduced if found to be not reasonable.

Download PDF file here: Crash_Stats_That_Matter_NAFA_APR-2015