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Most people no longer bat an eye when hearing about multimillion dollar damage awards to punish companies for an employee’s negligent acts. However, what are the liability concerns for a public sector fleet manager? Important items fleet managers should be aware of in regards to negligent entrustment include: 1) Negligence, the most common tort, has the most risk for fleet managers, since negligence awards can be very large. 2) To bring a negligence case against the federal government, the claimant must have been damaged by the negligence or wrongful act of a federal employee acting within the scope of his or her employment in circumstances where a private person would be liable under the law of the state in which the negligence or wrongful act occurred. 3) Most states have adopted individual state tort claim acts. 4) Municipal and local government liability for negligence of their employees generally follows the law of the state in which the local entity is located.

Download PDF file here: Liability Risk for Government Fleet Organizations Under Current Law – Article – Government Fleet