Project Description

Synopsis In an era of ever-tightening fleet budgets, rightsizing has become the go-to strategy for squeezing greater cost-efficiencies out of vehicle fleets, without diminishing service to customers. But achieving the proper balance between vehicle inventory and service levels is often easier said than done because it’s never a one-time job. As the needs of the business change, so do vehicle requirements. This presentation will show fleet managers how to determine the optimal size for their fleets at any given time – and how to get there. The Federal ASTM guide promotes considerations for the management of fleet assets in the context of mission needs and asset capabilities. Measurement and management of fleet program effectiveness can result in increased asset utilization, cost savings, asset life, and mission effectiveness. This presentation covers the principles of vehicle and fleet replacement, including the City of Baltimore fleet replacement practices in 2012, how a case was made for fleet modernization, implementing a plan for modernization, improvements made, and lessons learned.

Download PDF file here: Rightsizing_Strategies_for_Utilities-UTILITY_FLEET_CONF_SEPT-2015