Mercury is committed to providing fleet management professionals with valuable resources to assist them in their efforts in achieving industry excellence. One of the many resources that we provide is information through fleet management presentations at industry seminars, workshops, conferences, and other special events. As experts in every facet of fleet management, our team of consultants is frequently invited to discuss emerging issues, complex topics, and new solutions.

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Building the Business Case for Fleet Modernization

This session covers the link between fleet age and fleet costs and why the fleet manager must demonstrate that older vehicles cost more than newer vehicles. The presenters show how to build a business case for fleet replacement using Optimal Replacement Cycle Analysis, Capital Asset Replacement Cost Analysis, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis, and Lease versus Buy Analysis.


Bridging the Gap Between HQ and the Field

Fleet managers must deal with differences in expectations between field managers and their headquarters. Learn how to bridge the gap for both the field and headquarter level, and find common errors and how to remedy them, such as commonly missing fleet expenditures, the difference between fleet management and fleet administration, and what steps can be taken to align goals and objectives