We often are asked if Mercury provides other fleet management services in addition to our extensive offerings of fleet management consulting advice, information technology assistance, and professional development resources. Other common projects include business development, executive recruiting, expert witness and subject matter experts, market research, and much more. Contact us if you need assistance – if it is fleet related, we likely can help!

Business Development

Companies that plan to market their products or services to organizations with fleet operations frequently turn to Mercury for strategic and tactical advice. Our consultants have built and nurtured long-term relationships within the fleet industry, both as former fleet managers and as trusted consultants to many different types of fleets operating in both the private and public sectors. We offer a full array of services that will enable aspiring vendors to penetrate the fleet market, gain a foothold, and accelerate sales growth.

  • Product and Service Development
  • Market Research Assistance
  • Business Plan Review and Validation
  • Business Development Strategy Assistance

Executive Recruiting

Our consultants understand the day-to-day demands of dealing with fleet management stakeholders, vehicle operators, mechanics, and parts suppliers, as well as the supply- chain resources. Consequently our consultants are skilled at gaining the confidence of fleet professionals and rank-and-file employees that is so critical to a successful consulting engagement. At the same time, many of Mercury’s experts managed fleet operations in large organizations in which they routinely were required to interact with their peers in parallel support organizations, such as budgeting and finance, human resources, and risk management, as well as with senior management and/or elected officials. Many of our consultants were executive leaders who have extensive HR experience in a fleet environment. Consequently, Mercury consultants are exceptionally well qualified to serve as objective fleet program evaluators, advisors, change agents – and recruiters of fleet management executives.

  • Develop Job Description and Recruitment Announcement
  • Create Evaluation Methodology
  • Solicit Candidates
  • Prepare Interview Questions
  • Conduct Initial Screening Interviews
  • Provide List of Qualified Candidates

Expert Witness / Subject Matter Experts

Mercury’s reputation for integrity and our status as an independent, employee-owned consulting firm have led to many requests for assistance when objective, unbiased opinions and clear explanations of complicated issues are required. We have provided amicus curiae briefs and assisted attorneys for both the defense and plaintiff with preparations for direct and cross examinations in civil suits. Mercury’s testimony in both trials and depositions has also aided judges and juries to understand fleet industry standards as well as government rules and regulations that apply in the cases before them.

  • Fleet Operators as Defendants
  • Fleet Industry Suppliers as Defendants
  • Plaintiffs Suing Either Fleet Operators or Fleet Industry Suppliers

Market Research

Many companies that plan to market their products or services within the fleet industry have benefited from Mercury’s market research services. Our extensive experience in the fleet business and our network of relationships in all industry sectors enable our consultants to assemble solid, actionable research reports and findings. Our market research reports have served as guideposts and reference documents, both for individual clients and for the fleet industry.

  • Product or Service Alignment With Fleet Industry Segments
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Price Point Analysis
  • White Papers

Reimbursement / Business Allowance

Today’s leading organizations are leveraging multiple modes of transportation to minimize their total cost of moving people and delivering goods and services. Well-run organizations are integrating both employer- and employee-provided vehicles in fleet programs as part of their vehicle allocation methodology. Mercury believes the fleet manager or other company leader should have authority over both programs to properly control costs and successfully provide fair, safe, and equitable transportation for all employees.

As a general rule when considering total cost of ownership (TCO), employees with high-mileage needs should be provided with a company vehicle; those with low-mileage needs should have their job function reviewed to determine if privately owned vehicles (POVs) would produce the lowest TCO through a business reimbursement program. In addition, employees who operate their vehicles for business use are compensated under either taxable or non-taxable reimbursement plans, but employers and employees often overlook differences in tax consequences between the two types of reimbursement methods.

  • Analyze Allowances and Reimbursement Policies for Cost Savings
  • Assess Compliance With Policies and Procedures
  • Audit Tax Reporting Compliance
  • Develop Customized, Equitable Reimbursement Rates and Vehicle Allowances


In order to assist clients in addressing interim and/or temporary fleet management staffing challenges, Mercury offers fleet subject matter experts (SME) for short-term periods, typically one year or less. The SME can work both on-site (as needed), as determined by the client or off-site at Mercury’s location or both. Fleet SMEs perform a diverse assortment of duties, depending on the needs of the organization.

For more information on our consulting services and business solutions, please contact us via our online form, by email at contactus@g97.662.myftpupload.com, or by phone at 301.519.0535.