Mercury is the fleet management industry’s leading provider of consulting and business solutions

Mercury is unique among consulting firms serving the fleet industry. We combine specialized fleet management expertise and resources, unparalleled industry experience, independence and objectivity, and a proven track record of performance that is unmatched by fleet leasing companies, the small (often sole proprietorship) consulting firms that tend to work in this industry, and the large, general management consulting and business process outsourcing (BPO) firms.

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“Since the founding of Mercury in 2002, our mission has remained unchanged – Mercury’s consultants strive to improve the quality of fleet management practices; the quality of goods and services utilized in the management and operation of fleets; and the quality of information and professional development resources available to the fleet industry.”
Paul Lauria, President, Mercury Associates

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Specialization in Fleet Management

Mercury specializes in fleet consulting, research, and training. Unlike generalist management consulting and BPO firms that may take on a client engagement whose scope includes fleet management issues, we do one thing and one thing only – we serve the fleet industry.

In contrast to the large general management and business process consulting firms, Mercury’s only focus is on the fleet industry. We do not just tinker with fleet – we are dedicated to serve the fleet industry with a full-time staff, including information technology resources and multiple data centers. That’s why Mercury is the largest dedicated fleet management consulting firm in North America.

Mercury’s professionals do not “reinvent the wheel” every time they conduct a new client engagement. We have a number of standardized methodologies and analytical tools that enable us to conduct many standard consulting tasks with a high degree of efficiency, consistency, and accuracy. We have established benchmarks for more than 60 performance measures that are used throughout the fleet industry. As specialists in the “science of fleet management,” we continue to develop innovative methods for performance tracking.

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Breadth and Depth of Technical Experience

Our consultants tackle challenges and opportunities that require a degree of technical sophistication and analytical rigor that simply cannot be found in most other fleet consulting firms. We focus on results and we welcome the opportunity to implement our recommendations.

  • Mercury employs skilled fleet managers and provides them with a myriad of resources and tools to serve our clients. Our consultants have managed fleets at dozens of different types of organizations. This enables us to offer clients sensible advice and resolutions that work in real world situations – not just on paper.
  • Mercury consultants maintain many influential fleet industry certifications and participate in ongoing training and educational forums. Certifications are from recognized institutions such as NAFA Fleet Management Association, National Property Management Association, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and Microsoft Corporation.
  • Mercury’s consulting team is widely recognized as industry leaders who have substantially contributed to the professional fleet management industry.
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