Fleet Management Consultants

What We Do

Mercury is a fleet consulting and services firm dedicated to providing independent, unbiased technical assistance and advice to public and private organizations. We combine specialized expertise and resources with unparalleled industry experience to provide objective results for our clients. Unlike generalist consulting firms, Mercury does one thing and one thing only: we specialize in fleet management. Learn more about What We Do

Paul Lauria

“For over 15 years, our mission has remained unchanged – Mercury’s consultants strive to improve the quality of fleet management practices; the quality of goods and services utilized in the management and operation of fleets; and the quality of information and professional development resources available to the fleet industry.”

– Paul Lauria, President, Mercury Associates

Who We Are

Mercury’s strategy is to retain highly trained fleet executives and educate them to become fleet management consultants. This strategy has enabled Mercury to become the largest dedicated fleet consulting firm in North America. Our consultants have worked at dozens of different organizations that operate highly diverse types of vehicles and equipment. These unique individuals know how to turn challenges into opportunities because they have the technical sophistication and analytical rigor to do so.  Learn more about Who We Are

Why Choose Mercury

Unlike fleet management companies, Mercury does not earn its revenue based on the amount of money that our clients spend. As a result, we are unbiased as to our client’s vendor and vehicle selection, the products they consume or the services expended. On every project, we strive to help our clients reduce fleet costs and improve fleet performance.

In contrast to the large general management and business process consulting firms, Mercury’s only focus is on the fleet industry. We do not just tinker with fleet – we are dedicated to serve the fleet industry with a full-time staff, including information technology resources and multiple data centers. That’s why Mercury is the largest dedicated fleet management consulting firm in North America.  Learn more about Why You Should Choose Mercury

Our Leadership Team

Mercury’s executive management team has more than 100 years of fleet management experience. The original owners founded Mercury over a 15 years ago with a single principle in mind — dedicating the firm’s mission towards the field of fleet management. That dedication is evident in Mercury’s senior management team of former fleet managers who are widely seen as experts in their particular areas of knowledge. Likewise, almost all of our management team has a fleet-related background — either in terms of being an accomplished fleet buyer or a fleet seller of services.  Learn more about Our Leadership Team

Careers at Mercury

Mercury is always on the lookout for talented and highly energized professionals who are interested in being a part of our dynamic consulting firm. While we don’t furnish ping pong tables, dart boards, TVs, baristas, or other amenities of this type for employees, we do offer important stuff like paid holidays and vacations, paid sick leave, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, 401k and profit sharing plan with employer match, tuition reimbursement, flexible work hours, and telecommuting arrangements (varies by location and position).  Learn more about a Career at Mercury

Where to See Us

As experts in every facet of fleet management, our team of consultants is frequently invited to discuss emerging issues, complex topics, and new solutions. We participate in a variety of industry conferences and trade shows in North America and around the world.  Learn more about Where to See Us